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Hydroseed Services

 in Petoskey and surrounding areas is the quickest and most cost effective way to give you a professional look at your home or business. In fact, hydroseed is less than 1/4 the cost of using sod and there is no concern whether the sod takes.

The attractive mulch green cover is only there until the real beautiful green cover settles in. We have a special blend of seeds from La Crosse Seeds from Lansing, MI  and Profile Products to give you the best lawn for your specific needs. 

We have experience in golf courses, athletic fields, home, and commercial lawn construction.  


Our hydroseed equipment is the best in the business. Our Bowie Hydroseeder, Land Pride Seeders, and Profile Products is the perfect combination to get your needs met with perfection. With over 200 feet of shooting seed, it is clear any job is not to small for North Bay Hydroseed in Petoskey, Boyne City, and across Northern Michigan.

We are now offering our state-of-the-art slit seeder for those other unique jobs. By simultaneously slicing the ground and inserting a seed, it increases germination and the distribution rate. This type of seeding also allows moisture and fertilizer into the soil mix. 

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Key Benefits of Hydroseeding

The overall effectiveness of hydroseeding, its cost advantages, your new lawn's longevity are only a few advantages over traditional broadcasting methods. Aside from being the quickest to a beautiful lawn, there are other advantages you should know:

  Mulch, moisture and seed are blown together so no worry for blowing stray
  No straw means a far less chance of weeds
  The seed used is specific to your area (we use seeds best for the Northern Michigan climate)
  The fertilizer used in the hydroseed promotes excellent grass growth
  Hydroseed is spread evenly over your lawn